Montreal Portrait Photographer | Alex Tran

I’m a Montreal photographer who specializes in portraits & headshots, and weddings & lifestyle in Montreal. My approach to portrait photography is to create vibrant, natural, and authentic photographs. I particularly love working with artists & actors, freelancers & small business owners.

Maybe you’re here because you need a clean, simple, professional headshot where you look confident and approachable for your prospective clients and employers. Or maybe you’re here because that photo from the Christmas party just won’t cut it anymore for your LinkedIn profile. :) My goal is to make sure that together, we produce photos that represent you in the best way possible. I believe that it is the responsibility of the photographer to ensure that the subjects appear natural, comfortable, and confident. I do my best to achieve this with my clients by doing 2 main things:

First, I know that for most of you contacting me, it’s your first time hiring a professional photographer, so I make sure that the photoshoot environment is relaxed and stress-free. It might seem intimidating, but you’ll see, I’m not THAT scary. It’s a pretty organic process: we talk, get to know one another, we continue the conversation as I’m photographing you, and hopefully you laugh at my bad jokes.

Second, I pay attention to posing details and guide you throughout the shoot. I show you how to tweak your hand placement, shoulder positioning, eyebrow pressure, etc. These tiny details, in my opinion, can make the difference between a stiff, awkward shot and a comfortable natural one.

When choosing a headshot or portrait photographer, choose someone who you can connect with, someone you’d get along with – if you feel comfortable with the photographer, it’ll translate in the photographs. If you want to learn more about me, please check out my about page. You can also read about what my clients think of me over at my client testimonial page.

If you’re interested in hearing more, contact me at Please describe the type of photo that you want, and I’ll give you a price estimate as soon as possible.

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